• Table Read: Issue One

    Table Read: Issue One

    Welcome to our Table Read, we are so happy you’re here. Each week we’ll be rounding up the dinner essentials that we want to share. You know when you
    compliment someone on something and they just say “thanks”, well, that’s not us. If you’re at dinner with us and you say you like our shirt, we’re AirDropping you a link immediately. This is our version of that. Please sign up on the bottom of our homepage and get Table Read before it’s on our website.

    • We do a Pasta Sunday every Sunday. That’s what our dad does, that’s what we do. There’s a comfort in the familiar, but here’s a great way to make it unexpected  (Semolina Artisinal Pasta)

    • We’ve finally weaned ourselves off gel manicures thanks to this   (Londontown)

    Conversation starter! Leave out in the living room at an accessible place. Or the bathroom.  (Chani)

    • You could bring a fancy bottle of wine to a host or you could bring something like THIS and clinch a return invite  (Chefanie)

    • Dream dinner party location (someday!)  (Airbnb)

    Thanks for coming over. Text when you get home.
    Nicole & Adrienne

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